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Lions Club Kerala is a prominent service organization dedicated to community development and welfare in the state of Kerala. With a strong presence and active participation across the region, they has been making a significant impact on various aspects of society.

Lions Club Kerala is deeply committed to addressing the multifaceted needs of its community. Through a wide array of projects and initiatives, the club tackles crucial areas such as healthcare, education, environmental conservation, and disaster relief. By organizing regular medical camps and health awareness programs, Lions Club Kerala ensures that marginalized individuals have access to essential healthcare services. Moreover, the club’s eye care initiatives play a pivotal role in promoting vision health and preventing avoidable blindness. In the realm of education, Lions Club Kerala provides scholarships and valuable educational support to deserving students, thereby empowering them to pursue their academic aspirations and achieve their full potential.

Environmental conservation is a key focus for Lions Club Kerala, which actively initiates tree planting drives, clean-up campaigns, and awareness programs. By promoting environmental sustainability and preserving Kerala’s natural beauty, the club underscores its commitment to safeguarding the planet for future generations. Through these initiatives, they inspire communities to take proactive steps towards protecting the environment.

Lions Club Kerala embodies compassion, integrity, and dedication, serving as a beacon of service. Its members and leaders tirelessly uplift communities, drive positive change, and nurture a culture of service across Kerala. Through their unwavering commitment, they inspire others to join in their noble mission of making a difference in the lives of those they serve.

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Lions Relieving Hunger Project in Kerala addresses food insecurity and provides essential nourishment in the state.

Lions Environment Project in Kerala contributes to Kerala’s ecological well-being by promoting environmental conservation.

Lions Childhood Cancer Project in Kerala provides helping hand to our children, who have unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer.

Lions Diabetes Project in Kerala raise awareness and offer support to individuals affected by diabetes, improve their quality of life in Kerala.

Lions Vision Project in Kerala fosters a brighter future for the people of Kerala through preventing blindness and providing essential eye care.


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